Bring on the big nut!

Well we’ve long advocated a giant animatronic squirrel to grab the Big Acorn on First Night, somehow our budget for this got cut…

But in lieu of that, what could be more attractive to hundreds of chirping squirrels than the motherlode of all nuts descending from the sky Dec 31. Join us in your squirrel outfits, our pre nut drop hopping, and our celebration dance at 12:00!

New Years Eve Schedule:

10:30 pm @ Foundation (aka Squirrel’s Nest)
11:30 pm run out of the Foundation en masse and assemble at strategic location near the nut (without paying).
11:50 pm commence the pre-nut drop hop (hopping and “keeking” like a squirrel)
11:59 pm all hands to the sky in a hopping frenzy and maybe talk about how beautiful it is
12:01 am dance like that gopher on Caddy Shack
12:15 pm run to the Borough

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4 Responses to “Bring on the big nut!”

  1. Lizza Says:

    if it’s anywhere near LA I’m in..let me know

  2. admin Says:

    closer than China…we’re in Raleigh NC

  3. ecomod Says:

    Dammit. My Squirrel suit’s at the cleaners til Monday. I tip my hat to the ossum.

  4. admin Says:

    hey just a mask will do – or be a squirrel fan and bring pocket fulls of acorns!

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